Monday, December 9, 2013

Limited Edition Collections for Holiday 2013: Make Up For Ever Midnight Glow Palette

"Sensual and luminescent, the Midnight Glow collection lights up the holidays with products that create a dreamily romantic style. These 100% exclusive products offer a completely fresh approach: designed specially for the occasion, they celebrate the mystery of femininity in crystal celar, iridescent textures with the subtle glint of gemstones. Breaking away from the traditional Christmas colors, the collection mixes Gun Metal and Gold Pink."

i actually stumbled upon this palette when i stopped in Sephora during the VIB sale at the beginning of November. it wasn't at all on my radar; i stopped at the MUFE display to check out the new brushes and this palette caught my eye. i think it was the's perfect for the holiday the season!

the Midnight Glow palette is an 8-pan palette that contains 6 new diamond shadows and 2 shades that are part of MUFE's permanent range of eyeshadows. 

left  - right: Snow White, Gun Metal, Icy Blue, Icy Pink, Matte Black 04, Gold Pink, Midnight Purple and Metallic Taupe 127

left  - right: Snow White, Gun Metal, Icy Blue, Icy Pink, Matte Black 04, Gold Pink, Midnight Purple and Metallic Taupe 127

the Make Up For Ever Midnight Glow Palette retails for $42 and is available at Sephora, although for some reason it's not on the website, i've definitely seen it at several Sephora locations in Chicago.


daydreaming beauty said...

This was not even on my radar at all, but it's GORGEOUS!! That purple is so pretty!!

Brooke @ Blushing Noir said...

I just picked this one up! Can't wait to try it out!

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