Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Life: Happy Valentine's Day Mr. Pretty

i'm a very private person. i don't talk too much about my private life on here. and let's be honest, you come here for the makeup. but i wanted to take some time out to wish Mr. Pretty a Happy Valentine's Day.

i met Mr. Pretty nearly 22 years ago (my God that makes us sound so old...lol). since then he's played a huge part in my life. he was my first boyfriend, has been my best friend (i'd even run to him for guy advice after we broke up in high school), my confidante, my biggest cheerleader, my therapist, and the source of so many laughs throughout the years. it's rare that you find someone that you can completely be yourself around, no judgement...just acceptance. i was blessed to find that in him.

we have helped each other get through challenges and struggles (both as individuals and as a couple) that, at times, almost seemed too much to bear. but, as difficult as those moments have been, it has made us better people, it has made our marriage that much stronger and it has made me realize that there is no other person that i'd want to walk this journey with.

i just wanted to take some time out on this day, to acknowledge the man in my life. happy valentine's day, babe! love you...


Erin said...

Wonderful post! Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

Tiffany said...

Aww!! What a great post! Happy Valentine's to you two... <3

Kole said...

I remember when you guys met!!!!! It is soooo beautiful to see you all still together after all of this time. Keep the love growing. :-)

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